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Author Topic: Explanation  (Read 7941 times)

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« on: Thursday 14 December 2006, 2055 »
Some of our members have requested a board specifically for serious subjects.
After a small debate the team were unanimous in the decision to create such a place. So for those of you who wish to discuss important matters, without fear of the thread degenerating into a frivolity fest, we give you the new board -

Serious Stuff Only.

Anything non-thread related will be removed to the main discussion board for further comment. Please respect the wishes of your fellow cg.commers and post only topic-related and relevent posts.

With Thanks

The Caergybi.Com Team
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Re: Explanation
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 14 December 2006, 2106 »
Thanks for doing this. I also kindly request that no puns be added to any serious thread I start on here.

I look forward to some serious debate at last.  ;)


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Re: Explanation
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 14 December 2006, 2315 »
Hello like the new thread can't wait to read the topics, nobody asked me about the new thread  :( Porty

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Re: Explanation
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 14 December 2006, 2329 »
I hope this new board runs smoothly and we all respect the seriuos nature of it.

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Re: Explanation
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 14 December 2006, 2334 »
good stuff,
i'm sick and tired of logging on and searching endlessly through silly puns, just to read something of intrest,
the bacon.
An eye for an eye makes us all blind.

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Re: Explanation
« Reply #5 on: Friday 15 December 2006, 0901 »
Well done Bas, 5 quid says you'll be the first one on here to have something removed, hey will we know if somethings removed? Does it show up on a random thread. How will I get my $?

I think it may have started already.