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Author Topic: The Empire  (Read 281 times)

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Re: The Empire
« Reply #24 on: Friday 15 September 2017, 1921 »
I can't wait until the new Blade Runner film comes out, I am going to watch it 5 times in the cinema

What ? back to back ? make sure you are the one facing the screen

Offline Rascal

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Re: The Empire
« Reply #25 on: Wednesday 11 October 2017, 0047 »
Blade runner 2049

Don't read this if you haven't watched it and you are going to

Visually a good film
Acting good throughout
Certain aspects harking back to the original
Plot, not bad at all with a twist, open for a third film
Length, at 2.5 hrs, it seemed a bit long
Crap bits, the way it went back with clips and voice overs for the hard of thinking, dear me, its not that hard to follow
The last few minutes of the film, was it necessary to have a goody vs baddy fight scene, really!
Oooh, it's all "Wils, Wils, Wils!"
Rascal bach, you have no idea how hard I'm laughing at your last post.  You are so funny.
I think Rascal should apologise for Wils - seriously!