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Author Topic: Your ideal home  (Read 1571 times)

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Re: Your ideal home
« Reply #24 on: Monday 03 April 2017, 1700 »
Can you "Street view" it as I can't place it.,-4.4758098,3a,75y,224.72h,76.15t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szf0fcvm_yM8L_X0q6yFe6A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

(I've got a thing about Aberffraw in general - and I have absolutely no idea why.  For some reason it just messages 'home' - yet I've never lived there, don't know anyone who does)

Looks great Che ! I hope you see your dream fulfilled one day... and WOW what a great corner for doing handbrake turns !

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Re: Your ideal home
« Reply #25 on: Wednesday 05 April 2017, 1214 »
There's a place on the mountain that could be nice, given a little TLC. in fact, I might get it quite cheap given its delapidated state.

Seriously, anybody know what this place was? it's on a little hill which I refer to as "Mynedd bach", just to the West of the main summit.
I think its older than Roman, I think its part of the Celtic hill fort
Oooh, it's all "Wils, Wils, Wils!"
Rascal bach, you have no idea how hard I'm laughing at your last post.  You are so funny.
I think Rascal should apologise for Wils - seriously!

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Re: Your ideal home
« Reply #26 on: Wednesday 05 April 2017, 1923 »
I think its much newer than that. I wonder was it anything to do with WWII? There were lots of buildings all over the area around that time. Some of us wrinklies will remember the radar dish on top of the little building at South Stack, and up beyond the lookout post were some brick built barrack type buildings.

Where's Mab? He would know! (Oops, another thread crash)!
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