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Author Topic: Manchester Bombing  (Read 1375 times)

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Manchester Bombing
« on: Tuesday 23 May 2017, 1312 »
I just want to say how sad I was to hear the terrible news from Manchester this morning, and how my thoughts are with all that have been affected.

Manchester isn't particularly near Caergybi, it's not even in the same country for that matter. It is however "just down the road" and many of our members may have visited at some time. They may have even travelled to a concert there, and that brings home the detail of how easily somebody we know may be affected by such an atrocity.

I do hope that nobody we know has suffered directly or indirectly by this event, but if so, I am sure that our entire membership will join me with their thoughts and best wishes to look ahead from this disgusting occurance.
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Re: Manchester Bombing
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 23 May 2017, 1747 »
Indeed Nooks, a dreadful dreadful occurrence and everyone affected has my deepest sympathy.

  Holyhead has a lot of ties with both Manchester and Liverpool, family, sporting, and "bright lights" entertainment to mention a few.  Words fail me.

I cannot comprehend the mindset behind the horror that has been perpetrated.

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Re: Manchester Bombing
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 24 May 2017, 1300 »
I'm quite a left wing fellow - into civil rights and liberties etc etc  but I think it's about time people started to wake up a bit about what we are dealing with here and more importantly what liberties and rights we are going to have to sacrifice if we are to stop this.

This is something that the modern world hasn't experienced before.

This brand of islamic exrtremism is a death cult whose ultimate aim is to deliberately bring about Armageddon - the end of the world. They actually want to die and take as many people as possible with them and they actually want the world to end. They aren't interested in anything else and regard anyone who is as some sort of inferior thing not even worthy of contempt.

They don't care who they kill, how many they kill so long as they get the chance to die and move the world one step closer to armageddon.

There is only one way to deal with them - exterminate them wherever and whenever they appear. Otherwise they will try their hardest to martyr themselves with as many people as possible.

This isn't the IRA.  They aren't politically motivated (most other types of terrorist are).  They have just one aim - death and as a result it is impossible to negotiate with them (not that we should). 

It would appear that this may be the first attack on the UK mainland by a terrorist who has actually been properly trained overseas.  Usually they are largely self-radicalised and isolated.  In this guys case he was born in the UK, appears to have been part of a group,  has been to both Syria and Libya (returning from Libya in the last week), was well educated and had received training.
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